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hello guys thanks thank you so much for thank you so much for watching and I'm so happy to meet you guys again domine Isaac when it's about my dad they took them on Twitter to this and today top is going to be how and why Japanese are so slim well I did a small research about these topics and I found that you guys may interest in the topic so let me share the fifty reason why I found or what you don't think about the reason why we keep our body slim so let's get started and please let me use some memo because it's too many to remember 15 reasons so let me start from.

Number 1 the reason number when we love fish the fish which is inside there is a fish oil then inside there is a EPA it seems the EPA you know prevent your body get fat so there is number one reason.

Number 2 we love white rice if I eat the bread you know I prefer to eat cheese of butter you know the jam tends to be fatty you know the reason.

Number 3 we use less oil if I cooking my cooking always using the water boiling with a miso soup with soy sauce even I add sugar but I added less oil so you know the tea 1 spoon of the oil including 100 calories so it's so many so that's number three.

Number 4 we use train so much well imagine in Japan you can go anywhere by train the rail will are spreading all over to Japan so we Japanese love to you know get on the train but if I try to get on the train I have to go up the stairs down the stairs it, It could be a really good exercise for your reason. 

Number 5 our summer is so hot and so muggy and we Japanese said not so another so go tonight we don't have appetite in the summer so we can reset our body in summer and reason number eight I'm the sorry reason.

Number 6 the Japanese heating system is really poor if you come here you surprised how Japanese houses coal so we have to keep our body hot but you know burning our own fat I think.

Number 7 we go shopping every day because our land is small houses small room a small fridge is small so we love to go shopping every day and that could be a good exercise a little hole in the plastic bag and walk.

Number 8 we eat many vegetables than you guys I believe because we boil it imagine if you boil the spinach then roll amount is kind of like this but when you boil it's kinda like this so we can eat many vegetables and reason. 

Number 9 our sweet It is really healthy we eat the rice cracker rice cake compared to cookie and cake it includes the less butter-sugar oil so that it is really healthy but it's really tasty so we can read you know easily – that healthy sweet as well. 

Number 10 with a sweet we drink Japanese tea green tea and if I drink English tea or coffee sometimes I add sugar or milk but when it comes to the green tea I never ever add sugar so that is also the good thing I think the okay reason.

Number 11 we do not have drying machine I think that not all of you guys have a drying machine but if I live in the United States or if I visit Australia they do have a dry machine and Japanese do have but the Japanese one is so weak you know we can dry only a small amount so eventually we have to dry out by myself then it also, be a really nice exercise here get V you know coconut choco a wound owner una.

Number 12 we do not have a dry machine I'm sorry we do not have a dishwashing machine so I have to wash every three times a day it's so hard but actually, I'm wanting to buy the washing machine how you guys think about it and reason. 

Number 13 the soul food the amount is very if I watching that you know the Americans lives YouTube I'm so surprised to see the avocado is sold in the five packs of sip six times but in Japan, you'll find only one avocado and you the unit is so small tomato is including only three or four and meat is only sold in two hundred gram or three hundred gram that amount you know to keep you used less you know food and that why the dish is still going to be small and that is a number thirteen and 

Number 14 even Muldoon will serve the small amount if you come here you may be surprised to see the L size is also, small the potato is small the burger is small also the coca-cola is small and reason.

Number 15 I'm so surprised when I visit a friend France France I found a so huge cake with a mini pipe creamer but in Japan, if you order the cake is so small but beautiful so Japanese food is basically a small amount but you know epic glass is so beautiful so in joining not only the pace but your eyes your smell and enjoying you know house an eighty-one by one and that kind of the way to eat make you know you're happy and also you know enough soon rather eating too much. 

Today topics what I have talked you guys a some part I depend on depending on so much on environment or custom or Japanese lifestyle so some part is hard for you guys to imitate soon but I hope that you guys find something interest or something you know convenient or useful information from my video and I hope you guys get something good news from my videos and in the end thank you so much for your time and I'm always encouraged by your watch by your thumbs up by your comment and I am so happy to have this time and I'm so happy to communicate with you guys so if you do have some requests that you want you to want me to talk please leave your message and if you do have the Facebook account please visit my facebook as well thank you so much for watching I am so looking forward to seeing you guys soon bye bye

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